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March 22, 2018



These days, almost every child attending some sort of school is experiencing school photo day!  Everyone knows the “smile and say cheese!” that has become accustom to school photo day.  However, those images are boring, forced and don’t portray a child’s true personality at all!  School photos can be so much more than that! 

Oneonta NY Family Photographer smiling girl for school photosOneonta NY Family Photographer smiling girl for school photos


With Fine Art Portraits I genuinely capture a child’s personality however they are feeling that day.  Maybe it’s shy and reserved or happy and silly.  In no more time than photo day normally takes, I engage closely with each child so their experience is FUN and they feel relaxed and comfortable, which in turn allows them to be themselves.  Isn’t that how we all want to remember them?!  Full of life, laughter and self-confidence.

Oneonta NY Family Photography Smiling handsome boyOneonta NY Family Photography Smiling handsome boy

Oneonta NY school photographer confident beaming girlOneonta NY school photographer confident beaming girl


I only take on a limited amount of schools to ensure superior service and artistic images.  I offer all the services that a larger corporate company does, yet my experience is more personable and communication with school and parents is streamlined. I use soft natural light and a black backdrop to focus on the child and make classic art. Each child will receive at least 2 images (but likely more depending on how open they are with me) in a personal online gallery where parents clearly see proofs and chose the photos they want printed, as opposed to having a pose chosen for them.  Boutique products are also available in the gallery.  Schools receive a portion of profits, so it is a wonderful fundraiser for the schools as well!

Oneonta NY Fine Art School PortraitsOneonta NY Fine Art School Portraits


Siblings are welcome to come too!  It’s a great opportunity to get images of them together and is so much fun.

Oneonta NY school photographer siblings laughing togetherOneonta NY school photographer siblings laughing together

I am passionate about Fine Art Portraits and giving families everything I want for my own family when it comes to pictures; beautiful, emotive, honest images that I am proud to display in my home. You can check out further frequently asked questions about school photos, as well as see my full school portfolio here.   If you would like genuine, artistic, and timeless images like these of your child, please contact me to get into your child’s school.




  1. Laurel McConnell says:

    These are gorgeous!

  2. Sarah Landa says:

    I am taking Elena’s class too, these are inspiring!

  3. Kelsie K says:

    These are so sweet and totally beat traditional cheesy school photos!

  4. kirsty says:

    These are beautiful!! Definitely a school photo to treasure! I love how you have managed to capture each of their personalities!

  5. Amber says:

    This is wonderful Hali!! Beautiful photos and such a treasure for parents!! This is something I’m hoping to do more of soon, too! ❤️

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