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April 4, 2019


Lifestyle photographers use light and guided poses to enhance family connection.

I am a lifestyle photographer. I use light to enhance emotion, connection and love by guiding your family into connected poses where natural movements can unfold organically. Lifestyle fits somewhere in between documentary photography (no directing or posing) and studio photography. Many people may view lifestyle images and think they are candid moments, but I assure you they have been carefully orchastrated. I will artistically guide you into good light and a connected pose, then ask you to whisper in each others ears, tell each other a story, or even see who can laugh the hardest. Then I will sit back and watch. Watch for connections and so much love that is present everyday. You will spend quality time laughing, and lvoing hard on one another, and I promise it will be fun.

Family photographer oneonta NY, Family snugglingFamily photographer oneonta NY, Family snuggling

Oneonta family pohotographer, family laughing togetherOneonta family pohotographer, family laughing together

Photographer Oneonta NY, sweet sibling momentPhotographer Oneonta NY, sweet sibling moment

Oneonta family pohotographer, family laughingOneonta family pohotographer, family laughing

There will be lots of movement

Kids naturally love to explore their surroundings. During a lifestyle family session that is exactly what they’ll be able to do! After we’ve gotten some family interaction shots, there will be time for kids to run, pick flowers, and play together. This movement not only photographs beautifully, but it also gives them a break from guided posed images and keeps them engaged and having fun. It also is a chance for mom and dad to get some images alone, which is so important, and takes the attention off the kiddos for a bit!

Photographer Oneonta NY, kids exploring outsidePhotographer Oneonta NY, kids exploring outside

Oneonta family pohotographer, children holding handsOneonta family pohotographer, children holding hands

Photographer Oneonta NY, Mom and dad laughingPhotographer Oneonta NY, Mom and dad laughing

There will be lots of laughs and love.

Spending genuine family time together and capturing your family as it is right now, is what a lifestyle family session with me is all about.. You will laugh and love hard. I will capture the beautiful chaos as well as the more tender moments. It is my hope that you leave your session saying, “we had so much fun!” I get that families are busy, so a session with me is time to slow down and spend time laughing, playing, and being surrounded with the ones you love.

Oneonta family pohotographer, family spending time togetherOneonta family pohotographer, family spending time together

Family Photographer Oneonta NY, mom and daughter huggingFamily Photographer Oneonta NY, mom and daughter hugging

Oneonta family pohotographer, family time togetherOneonta family pohotographer, family time together

I hope you have a better understanding of what Lifestyle Photography is and what a session with me is like. I would love to capture you and your family, just as you are right now, all the chaos and all the love. If you have any more questions please let me know!

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