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Hey there!  Welcome to the blog.  Here you will find your stories-of how much you are adored, how much love and beauty there is among the chaos of life. I want you to be transported back in time and truly feel what this season of life was like. Whether it's capturing your love story and where your family begins, to hazy newborn days at home, or chasing your little ones around your favorite outdoor location, we will create something beautiful.

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April 1, 2020


This time is definitley uncertain, but as we are going into week three of being at home, we are settling into a new normal. I thought it could be helpful for some to see what other’s are doing to stay busy. I am actually grateful for this time to be with my children. Their birthdays are just in a few short weeks and it seems that each year goes by faster than the one before. Don’t we all want to keep them little, just a little bit longer?! This is actually a time for our busy day to day to pause and spend quality time together, not just on the weekends! I’m building more puzzles, adventuring outside daily, reading stories mid-day, and so much more.

To start my day, I’ve been doing something I usually never have time for during the work week; make my bed! I still have a child sleeping in it when I quietly sneak out of bed, so making my bed daily sets me up for a (somewhat) organized day. It makes me feel a sense of calm going into my bedroom knowing it’s neat.

Upstate NY family photographer, bedroomGetting outside everyday, walking the wooded trails near by and then heading to the deserted playground has done wonders for our moods. I could go to them each day and not get bored. Exploring the beauty around you can be so freeing.Family Photographer Upstate NY, children exploring woodsPlaying in the back yard has been our saving grace too. Fresh air is good for the body, both physically and mentally and the kids are tired out too!Oneonta NY family photographer, kids playing outsideUpstate NY Family Photographer, daughter and dad playing ballLast summer I started a subscription for STEAM boxes from Kiwi Co to give us something fun to do throughout the summer, and I just kept them going as the kids enjoy them so much! Alivia gets the Kiwi crate, and Caden the Koala Crate. They are geared toward their ages and incorporate art, building, science and math. Caden especially loves the books that accompany his crate. We have a stack of them gathering, so it’s been the perfect time to catch up on them!Family photographer, Cooperstown NY, kids doing KiwiCo cratesFamily photographer, Cooperstown NY, kids doing KiwiCo cratesWe have also been taking this time to do some house projects as we haven’t painted since we moved in last December. Potty training is in full force and we’ve been keeping track with a sticker chart. Also, watching the neighborhood from inside has provided entertainment too.Oneonta NY  Family photographer, family timeReading stories each afternoon when we all need some quiet time has been so calming. We can read as as much and as long as we want. My daughter took the ones of Caden and I, so she’s been practicing her photography skills too!Family photography, Upstate NY, mom and son reading together.We have also been fitting in our homeschool work too. Not feeling rushed to complete it, and if we don’t get to it one day, its okay because we are doing so much more together every day. I am trying to incorporate some learning with Caden too during this time. Here Alivia was doing math and counting gems, so I worked with Caden on simple counting and grouping and naming colors.Lifestyle photographer, Oneonta NY children homeschoolingBaking has also been keeping us busy and is bringing some calm and joy. We have made scones, muffins, weekly and weekend pancakes, cookies and even popovers.Upstate NY lifestyle photography, child bakingI’m trying to pick my camera up while being home. I’m finding inspiration during our days more, and documenting me being there too. Next, I want to do a video of this time.Upstate NY family photographer, front door projectI hope seeing some of the things we have been doing helps you get ideas if you’re feeling lost in all of this. It is strange times, but I keep thinking how lucky we are to be together. P.S This month I’m participating in a blog circle again! I’m sharing photographer Jennine Coosaia, a Photography Business Strategist, and she’s sharing 5 tips on how to strengthen your photography business during the covid 19 pandemic! I will definitely be taking her wonderful advice! Stay well and healthy friends.