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February 1, 2021

How to Prepare for your Newborn Session |Upstate NY Newborn Photographer

Your family has grown. You’ve finally welcomed your little baby earth-side who you have anxiously been awaiting to meet for the past 9 months!  You’re exhausted, haven’t showered in days, still sore from birth, and the last thing you want to worry about is preparing for your newborn session.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got you covered with some easy tips to help you get ready for your stress free photo shoot!

Oneonta, NY Newborn photographer, mom and dad at home with baby


1. Prep your home: First of all, don’t feel that your house has to be spick and span. It’s your house and it’s supposed to look lived in, and if you have little ones, it is VERY lived in!  My house is always covered with toys and piles of laundry, and I am very used to shooting around it all.  The focus is on your family interacting together and loving on your new baby. Instead, focus on tidying up, making beds, and being sure no jackets are on the couch or towels on bed sort of thing.  I can also move things the day of if there is something distracting in the frame.  

Upstate NY Newborn Photographer, Mom snuggling baby boy
Oneonta NY Newborn Photographer, dad kissing mom's for head as baby nurses

2. Arrival: When I first arrive, I will talk with you a little, and let any other kids warm up to me a bit before I even bring out my camera.  Then I will ask you to show me your house (little ones love being tour guides!) so that I can look at rooms to see where the best lighting is.  I primarily shoot in the nursery, master bedroom and living room however it’s more about finding the rooms with the best light. If you can, try to have blinds and curtains open, if not I will open them.

3. Session Flow: I am very easy going and know first hand how much a day’s schedule depends on baby.  If baby has just eaten before I arrive, that’s great, but if not, don’t worry.  We can stop for you to nurse or bottle feed, and I actually love captruing those moments if you are comfortable too. If baby is awake when I arrive, I will start with parents holding the baby so he or she is happy and get family shots first.  If baby is asleep, that is usually a good time to get baby with any other siblings,  or baby alone, so we will start with those first then. 

Lifestyle newborn photographer upstate NY, Mom nursing baby boy

4. What to Wear: The most important thing is for you all to be comfortable and to be yourselves.  I encourage neutral colors, t-shirts with logos or bright patterns tend to be distracting.  You also do not need to match, but cordinating colors work well together.  Casual clothing is perfect and bare feet photograph most naturally in your home.  Moms, consider a nice maxi dress, or light flowy top that will be comfortable and soft for snuggling your new baby.   For baby, the simpler is better.  A neutral onesie or even naked with just a diaper on is very flattering, as a lot of newborn baby clothes don’t fit tight enough and can be distracting in photos.

5. RELAX: Most importanlty, is for you all to relax and enjoy this special time together creating life long memoreis.  If the baby fusses or is really alert, don’t worry.  A baby can sense your anxiety, so we want to keep things mellow.  I am not in a rush and will stay as long as I need to capture your whole family’s story.  So, take a deep breathe and enjoy this time as a family together with your new baby. 

It’s normal to feel a little nervous.  I certainly was the first few times getting in the frame with my family! But I promise. You will not regret having these memories to look back on because it all truly goes by way too fast. 

I hope these tips were helpful and you feel less stressed and ready for an in home session with your new baby:)


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