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May 24, 2018


Woman are truly goddesses and growing and caring a new life is one of life’s greatest miracles.  It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or fourth, I promise it is worth documenting.  I’m sharing my top reasons why you should document this beautiful time, as well as a recent maternity session below!  And you won’t to miss this month’s blog feature at the end either!

Maternity Photographer, Rochester NY, Glowing expecting mama


Nine months seem so long while you are in them, especially with all the aches and pains, but as soon as that little babe is born and snuggled into your loving arms, it is easy to forget what it felt like to be pregnant.  The little flutters and kicks fade, and you can hardly believe you couldn’t tie your shoe just a short time before.  It’s hard getting your own photos during pregnancy, (other than the quick i-phone snap;) these photos will give you lasting memories of this special time in your life.

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, Mom and Dad to be laughing  together while daughter plays in the field behind


Not only will you be able to look at these images and feel what it was like to be pregnant, but your children will too. Your baby will someday want to see what you looked like pregnant with them, and you will have these images to show them how much they were already loved and how glowing and excited you were to meet them!

Rochester NY Maternity Photographer, couple in love


If this is your first baby, then it is the perfect time to spend some quality time with your partner before your family grows and your days are filled with beautiful chaos and wakeful nights.  If there are older siblings, then it is a chance to spend quality one-on-one time with them before they are competing for your attention;)

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, family pictures before they are a family of four

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, Mom playing and loving her little girl

Rochester NY Maternity Photographer, happy big sister

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, little girl dancing with her mom in a Spring field


As moms it is so easy to put others first, getting the baby all the new clothes, or siblings presents so they don’t feel left out either.  A maternity session will give you a chance to get a new, comfortable dress to feel beautiful in!  You can even get your hair done and feel like the goddess you truly are.

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, beautiful expecting mama

Rochester NY Maternity Photographer, glowing mom in Spring field smiling at her family


Time passes so quickly, even more so once you have little ones.  Maybe you’ve been too busy to schedule a session and are 2 weeks away from your due date.  Don’t worry, it’s still not too late to capture your glowing beauty, even if you feel like the size of a watermelon.   But it will be too late once baby is here.  You won’t get this time back, so soak it up while you can, and capture it so you can always remember how strong, how beautiful and how precious this time in motherhood will always be.

Maternity Photographer Rochester NY, happy family of three hugging

I have a special place in my heart for mamas to be and would be honored to capture this time for you.  I’d love to hear from you if you’re expecting or know a mama who could benefit from a maternity session.

This month I have the honor of featuring Dana DiSalvo, a Tampa Beach Photographer and a gorgeous beach session you won’t want to miss!



  1. Dana says:

    I totally agree! I regret not hiring a maternity photographer when I was pregnant. I would have loved to document that time in my life in a pretty way!

  2. Annika says:

    I wish I had maternity photos like this in any of my pregnancies! Beautiful!

  3. Michele says:

    I’m seriously loving that pink tree in your location

  4. Danielle says:

    What a beautifully written blog. Maternity photographs are my favorite and I think it’s so important for women to have taken! These are gorgeous!

  5. Kim says:

    Beautiful! I didn’t get maternity shots for my first pregnancy and I definitely wished I had. So important to capture!

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