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Hey there!  Welcome to the blog.  Here you will find your stories-of how much you are adored, how much love and beauty there is among the chaos of life. I want you to be transported back in time and truly feel what this season of life was like. Whether it's capturing your love story and where your family begins, to hazy newborn days at home, or chasing your little ones around your favorite outdoor location, we will create something beautiful.

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June 14, 2018


There are so many beautiful locations in the Rochester area that the options are endless for your family session!  We are so close to beautiful fields, beaches, and special parks. No matter where you choose to have your location though (and I have a handful of favorites to help you decide;) your family session with me is scheduled around sunset.

The lighting is truly illuminating to photograph your beautiful family in then, and the sun surely doesn’t disappoint when it makes its appearance!  It is definitely worth staying up a little past kiddos bedtime to spend time together under the setting sun.  And honestly kids feel excited for their session because they get to stay up past their normal bedtime, and I make your time together fun and enjoyable that cranky kiddos are hard to come by.  You could always put them down for a later nap or some quiet time before the session if you are still concerned, and making sure their tummies are full is always a good idea!  If you need more session prep, you can check out this article I wrote Preparing For Your Family Session .

I met up with this family at Highland Park on a gorgeous, sunny, warm Spring evening.  The whole city seemed to be out and about walking and enjoying the first nice evening after such a long winter,  but we were able to escape and have parts of the park all to ourselves!  The tulips were blooming, trees blossoming, sun shining, and most importantly, the family was full of love for one another.  It was truly an honor photographing them and witnessing their connection and time together.

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  1. Fiona Saxton says:

    These are all beautiful images. I bet the family are delighted with them. I love sunset sessions as well.

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