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May 7, 2021

How to prepare your partner for your Upstate NY Newborn Photos

After booking, one of the many questions I get is “how do we prepare now for our session?” One of the obvious things might be tidying up your bedroom/living room/nursery and picking out everyone’s outfits ahead of time. But the least obvious thing that I am going to tell you is the MOST important, is preparing your partner!

So how do you go about preparing them?

how to prepare your partner for photos

Upstate NY Newborn Photographer, dad holding baby girl

It’s likely that when you booked me for your in-home newborn session that it wasn’t a mutual decision; you probably made it on your own ;) I get it! I’m the one planning for our yearly photos too! If your husband is anything like mine, he’s probably never seen the photographer’s work. My husband is pretty used to having our photos taken and knows the drill haha, but for many partners this isn’t the case. Chances are, if you’re a first time parent this IS your first time experiencing family photos, especially in your home.

Oneonta NY newborn Photographer, Mom and dad snuggling baby girl.

Before session, show them my work!

Prepping them before hand by showing them the types of photographs I’m after can be very helpful. By viewing my portfolio, you will see I’m not a “smile at the camera” kinda photographer and will instead have you focus on each other. I often say “I’m not interesting, you are!” You will also not hear me tell children to “say cheese.” Knowing this ahead of time will make you feel more confident and relaxed while being photographed.

Cooperstown NY Newborn Photographer, new family of four

A week ahead of time, or even the night before, pull up my website or instagram! Have them see the connection, love, and laughter. Take note of what everyone is wearing for their newborn session-comfortable sweaters, t-shirts, bare feet! No stiffly posed and formal clothing here.

Newborn Photographer in Upstate ny, dad reading books to little girl
Newborn Photogrpaher in Cooperstown NY, baby girl smiling and sleeping

tell them not to worry about an un-interested toddler

Since I am not after everyone smiling at the camera, everyone can relax a bit more. I’m focused on getting a new big sister or brother engaged with an activity and will ask him/her lots of questions. What does baby’s hair smell/feel like? I bet you give the best kisses, can you show me?! If they are really not wanting to be part of photos, we’ll give them a break, and chances are they’ll come in when they’re ready.

Oneonta NY newborn photographer, mom feeding baby with sister nearby

It’s also really important to make big sis/brother feel very important!

Having welcomed my own second child, I know first hand what a big adjustment adding a sibling can be. It is an emotional time for everyone, but especially big brother/sister. Giving them some alone time with mom & dad is very helpful in getting them interested in photos too, and I ALWAYS focus on them during our session just for this reason!

In home newborn photographer Upstate NY, big sister time
In home newborn photographer Upstate NY, big sister time
In home newborn photographer Upstate NY, big sister time

when everyone knows what to expect, a newborn session goes more smoothly!

newborn photographer Upstate NY, big sister and baby sister together
newborn photographer Cooperstown NY, big sister and baby sister together

Expecting a little one? I’d love to hear from you!


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