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June 22, 2022

What to Expect from your photo session

It’s wonderful to have returning clients who know how a session with me flows, but often times, I’m photographing new families who have either never had professional photos done, or have worked with another photographer. If you’re completely new to family photography, you can feel nervous about what to expect, how your kid’s will behave, and what the final results will look like. Even if you’ve had professional photos done before, chances are some things with me will be familiar, but some might be different because each photographer runs their sessions a little differently.

Your family is unique

Each family is different, and I often will start my sessions with a longer lens and watch from afar as you interact together and everyone warms up a bit. Kids can be shy around a new person and a big camera! (Read some more session tips here) So this allows them to play and warm up before I come in closer to capture connection. However, if they are not shy and want to run around and play, we start that way too! Just know that no two families are the same as your family dynamic is unique, so each gallery will be different. That’s what makes your session so special! It’s truly about you.

Family session with Hali Kate Photography

Things you can expect

~Space to be yourselves

~I will make you snuggle, be loving and get lots of real emotion

~I will also make you play!

Family photography session, Oneonta NY
Cooperstown NY Family Photographer, Dad and son playing at sunset

~I will incorporate the environment and lighting we’re in whether it’s sunny golden light or moody overcast skies.

~I will try my hardest (kid dependent) to get a “Grandmda-everyone looking” shot.

Family photos Oneonta NY, Upstate NY Photographer
Oneonta NY Family Photography, Mom dad and son smiling

~I will not ask children to say cheese, but will instead interact with them to bring out genuine expressions.

~Most of your gallery will be of emotive images and not everyone looking at the camera

Family Photographer, Oneonta NY Mom with her boys
Family Photographer Upstate NY, Family enjoying time together
Oneonta NY Family Photographer, Baby Kisses

Trust the Process

The best thing you can do for your session is trust the process and trust me. If you come to your session with an open mind, ready to have fun, be yourself, and don’t worry about your little one being uninterested in photos, I promise we will make some magic! It may feel chaotic at times and as though we didn’t get anything good, but I am constantly shooting and capturing it all. The seriousness and the funny. Just letting your kid’s be themselves will bring out the best gallery of images and you’ll be able to truly remember what this time felt like when they’re 15 years old!

Delhi Family Photographer, Brothers hugging
Cooperstown NY Photographer, Mom and son smiling

What not to expect & Maybe I’m not the right photographer for you if

~ you’re more formal and don’t want to run, play or get a little dirty during session

~You’re wanting a lot of images of everyone looking at the camera

~You’re not comfortable showing affection

Oneonta NY Family Photographer, Family together in field
Cooperstown NY Photographer, Mom and Dad with kids
Oneonta NY Family Photographer, Mom kissing and playing with son
Photography in Delhi NY, family photos at sunset.

Are you ready to book your family session with Hali?

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