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July 21, 2021

Why You Should Capture the Graduates | Oneonta NY Portrait Photographer

Graduating, whether from high school, college, or a graduate program, deserves documenting! You’ve put so much time, energy, and hard work in, lets capture the end with some amazing photos! Here’s a recent session with graduates from Hartwick College, and my five top reasons why you should capture your graduation time.

Oneonta NY Portrait Photographer

Reason #1: remember those friendships

You’ve just spent memorable years with friends who will help shape you. Include them in your graduation portraits so you will always remember this special time together. It’s really like a big family session because they have become your family away from home.

College Graduation photography, Hartwick College Oneonta NY

Reason #2: It’s time to celebrate!

You deserve to have some fun, and thats just what we’ll capture during your graduation photos! I’m all about connection no matter who’s in front of my lens. I’ll get you laughing, dancing and truly making your session memorable.

Hartwick College Oneonta NY, Portrait photographer, senior graduates together
Oneonta NY Portrait Photographer, senior graduates from Hartwick College

Reason #3: Your parents want those photos too

Including your parents in your graduation photos is so important! They’ve been your biggest cheerleaders and supporters along your journey. Lets capture their pride, joy and love for YOU!

Portrait photographer Oneonta NY, graduate with her mom hugging
Family photographer Oneonta NY, dad with his college graduate

Reason #4: Capture just you

I’ll be sure to get some fun shots of just you too-probably to send to grandma, or maybe to have hung on those walls. Wearing your cap and gown will make you feel confident and remind you of your amazing accomplishment. Including unique items to your program, like a stethoscope or honors scarf, are really fun to include in your session too.

Oneonta NY Photographer, graduates from Hartwick College

Reason #5: You only live once

Looking back on my own college years, it seems like another life time ago. I have a couple images of my graduation day to remember that time by, but had we had graduation photos done by a professional photographer, I would have even more memories to look back on! I promise you won’t regret a graduation session, and it can take place when ever you want. It will give you a chance to capture where you’ve spent the last four years and is a special way to commemorate this time with. I’d be honored to capture it for you.

Oneonta NY Photographer, Hartwick College Nursing program graduates
Photographer Upstate NY, college graduates throwing their caps

Congrats to all the 2021 graduates! YOU DID IT!

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