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September 8, 2021

How to keep your little ones happy for evening Family Photos | Upstate NY Family Photographer

Bedtime routines are so important for kids am I right! The thought of keeping them up past their bedtime can be a difficult thought. Aren’t they supposed to be all smiley and happy?! How are we supposed to keep them happy for family photos?

Tips for Successful Sunset Family Photos

I have an 8 and 4 year old and have been right there with other Upstate NY families. As a photographer though, I assure you it will be completely worth it to keep them awake past their bedtime for the golden light of sunset. I’m here to give you some tips to keep them happy for photos that will work and ease your worries.

Cooperstown NY Family Photographer, Mom Dad and baby snuggling with smiles

push that nap-time

You know how some days nap-time is such a fight, well, take full advantage of it and adjust nap 30-60 minutes. This will give you more flexibility later in the day. Or, if you have older kiddos who don’t nap anymore (hello my kiddos who gave up their naps at age 2!!) but you know will fall asleep on a car ride (my son again!) do it! And if you’re like this little one who skipped his morning nap, know that they will eventually fall asleep later in the day.

Oneonta Family Photography, Family spending time together

Relax knowing your photographer will make your session playful

Even if they don’t nap as long as you would like, we will be playing and snuggling the whole time that it will be okay. Most babies are enthralled with a new face and I am not afraid to be silly, play peek-a-boo from behind my camera, or sing silly songs to get attention or smiles.

Upstate NY Family Photographer, keeping baby happy with mom and dad

Snuggles when they do get sleepy are what we want

The heaviness of them on you, the way they fit so perfectly against you, those are the moments as a parent that I could rarely capture for myself. I’m here to capture them for you, so that you can look back on these images and be instantly reminded of this time in parenthood, to feel how much you were needed and loved, and how much you gave of yourself too. Being a little tired, especially at the end of the session, will be perfect for these moments.

Cooperstown NY Family Photography, tired snuggles from baby

Let them explore; it will make them happy!

Even at a young age, letting them explore our surroundings and having a break from images together, can be really helpful. This also allows me to capture this stage for you! Maybe they’ve recently learned how to sit up on their own, or are just beginning to crawl or take those first wobbly steps . You certainly don’t want to miss those milestones being captured. This is time to focus just on that, and they’ll be happy exploring a new place.

Oneonta NY Family Photographer , baby sitting and crawling at park keeps baby happy for photos

Lastly, leave expectations at home

Trust me when I say that your session might feel chaotic and you may feel we didn’t get any good shots, but I assure you I am constantly shooting! It’s often those quick in-between moments that I’m getting and that will end up being full of emotion, love and joy. I promise you, you will be happily surprised when you view your gallery.

Photographer in Cooperstown NY, mom snuggling and kissing baby boy
Photographer in Delhi NY, mom and dad kissing baby

So whose ready for sunset family photos this Fall?! Lets chat

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