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March 15, 2023

When Should I have my Engagement Session?

Holy cow it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged!! No better way to jump back into than giving you some tips on your engagement session.

Cooperstown NY wedding photographer, couple at Brookwood Gardens

think of your wedding season

I recommend having your engagement session opposite seasons than your wedding. If your getting married in the Summer or Fall, Spring is the perfect time for an engagement session! Having your engagement session in a different season than your wedding will give you a different feel to your images.

Cooperstown NY Engagement Photographer, couple's engagement session

think about your second favorite season

Chances are, you’ve planned your wedding to be during your favorite season! Do you have a second favorite season? Even if it’s only a couple months before your wedding, it’s okay to hold your engagement session then, because it will still give you a chance to get to know your photographer better before your big day, feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and give you a break from the wedding planning to spend some quality time together!

Oneonta, NY wedding photographer, couple's engagement photo session

Asking yourself when, also prompts you to think of where

Is there a special place the two of you spend a lot of time together? Do you want to have it where your proposal was? Maybe it’s somewhere completely new, (or across the lake from where you’re getting married-like in this couple’s case!). It could be downtown, at a winery, your favorite cafe. The possibilities for your engagement session really are endless.

Cooperstown, NY Wedding Photographer, bride and groom to be in Otsego Lake
Upstate NY Wedding Photographer, bride and groom to be at park

Be flexible

Even if you plan you session for spring, and the weather says sunny and warm, it can change in an instant! When we arrived to Brookwood Gardens, as soon as we stepped out of our cars, huge drops of rain began falling and rumbles of thunder were close by! We decided to wait the storm out and see if it’d clear up. I gladly suggested we head into town and get a drink while we waited the storm to pass. Sure enough it did, and it made the engagement session moodier and romantic!

Engagement photos of couple, Upstate NY Engagement Photographer
Cooperstown, NY Wedding Photographer, bride and groom to be in Otsego Lake
Oneonta NY Wedding Photographer, couple dancing together during engagement photos

Make sure your’e comfortable

The most important thing about your engagement session, no matter when or where you decide to have it, is be comfortable to have fun and be yourselves! Your love will shine through.

Ready to book your engagement session? I’d love to capture you!

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