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Hey there!  Welcome to the blog.  Here you will find your stories-of how much you are adored, how much love and beauty there is among the chaos of life. I want you to be transported back in time and truly feel what this season of life was like. Whether it's capturing your love story and where your family begins, to hazy newborn days at home, or chasing your little ones around your favorite outdoor location, we will create something beautiful.

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January 1, 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…2021 Session Superlatives are here!

I have never done one of these, but my photographer friend Lyndsay Hannah shared her brilliant end of the year blog post and I loved hers so much, I thought I’d give it a try myself. So here it goes, the best of sessions…a few days late ;)

The Best of 2021 HKP Photography Sessions

The Best of Light Session

Oneonta NY Family Photographer, Family together in golden sun

We went back and forth on timing for this session as we got rained out our first try! Afternoon light was the only time we could make it work and it ended up being my favorite light all year! Lesson learned; I can make any kind of light work for our session! (although golden hour will certainly remain my ideal session time!)

The Most epic location

Upstate NY Wedding Photographer, couple on top of the mountains in love

This was a summer evening in July, on-top of the mountains!! Even thought it was blustery and freezing up there, the light and love will remain in my heart.

Best of Twin Session!

Cooperstown NY Family Photographer, family in summer flower field

I was so excited when Viktoria reached out for a session! I have always wanted to capture twins, and my dream finally came true! (now some newborn twins in 2022 please?!) It was so special capturing this magic for them. They have their arms full, but they are so full of love.

The most Sweetest in Home Session

Upstate NY lifestyle photographer, family at home snuggling and playing

This session was so special as it was to not only document them being in there new home, but also their little one turning one! They’ll always remember this time now.

The Most Sentimental Occasion Session

Oneonta NY Senior Photographer, graduates and family celebrating

These sweet friends were roommates throughout their time at Hartwick College, and it was not only the most fun I’ve had at a session (music was blaring on the courtyard the whole time!), it was also the most teary eyed. I absolutely loved how parents were included too. It was really like a big family session!

The MOST animals at a session

Upstate NY Family Photographer, family in backyard with pets

This amazingly beautiful backyard session definitely had the most animals I’ve ever captured at a session! It was so fun and very meaningful to have them included. More of these kind of sessions in 2022 please!

The Most People/Craziest weather Session

Upstate NY family photographer, extended family session in the rain

Sometimes (ok really all of the time!) I wish I could be a meteorologist too! This session made me so nervous because we had a very limited time frame for it, as family members were in from Hawaii! I was afraid the rain wouldn’t end, but the sun even surprised us by shining at the end. It also goes down in the books for the most people captured at one time, and extended family sessions are now an optional add-on to sessions, because they are just the best! They don’t have to be stiff and can really be special to soak time up with each other.

The Coziest/Best styled in-home newborn Session

Newborn Photographer in Upstate NY, baby boy in mom and dad's arms

This at home session right before the Holidays was so cozy! Mom and Dad also worked so hard on their little boy’s nursery. I was in love as soon as I saw it because my little boy also loves giraffes! I’ll be keeping a Giraffe costume to pass onto them even! The connection between these high-school sweethearts was also just beautiful to witness. I can’t wait to photograph them again soon.

The coldest Session of the year

maternity photography in Oneonta NY mom and dad to be smiling and walking

You wouldn’t know it looking at this light filled session, but it was freezing out!! Mom was a trooper though in her beautiful dress. They kept their jackets on until the last possible moment, which helped too. Thank goodness we had some sun though!

The Most Festive Session

Family Photographer Upstate NY, family hugging and playing in their yard

This was my last 2021 session and it was the most festive! Their property was the perfect setting with tall Pines and beautiful light. It was such a treat being invited back to capture these memories for them.

If you’ve made it to the end, thank you!

Of course I value every single client and each and every session is my favorite. It brings me so much joy to be able to capture your love, connection, and happiness. My husband often catches me smiling as I edit because there really is nothing like it. You are all the reason my business is a success, so truly THANK YOU and Happy New Year!


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Much Love,


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