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February 23, 2022

Why an Upstate, NY Backyard Wedding is Perfect

As I was driving this morning, our wedding song came on the radio and I was immediately brought back to our special day. It really was perfect, despite the pouring rain (it’s brought us good luck, right!). However, if I were planning a wedding today, I would definitely consider a backyard wedding. Here are my reasons why!

Backyard Wedding Reason #1: Include your home while getting ready

There is something so intimate about images in your own space. Getting ready for your big day is that much more special when it’s at your own house! You’ll want to remember the details of your home then-whether it’s your own home or your parents home. There’s also great angles to work with, amazing light, and special pieces of your home to include.

Upstate NY wedding photography, groom and son getting ready
Cooperstown, NY wedding Photographer, Dad and son getting ready outside

reason #2: Can capture near by too!

Maybe there’s a special park in the neighborhood that you stroll frequently, or a spot in town you met at! We can incorporate that too, and it’s a great spot for first look photos!

Wedding Photographer Upstate, NY, bride and groom in park

reason #3-Intamacy

With choosing a backyard wedding comes a smaller guest list. You can’t hold 200 people like some venues. And that’s OK! This allows you to be really conscious of who you invite and want to be part of your special day. The result is an intimate and relaxed space-it truly feels like home!

wedding photography, backyard wedding
Upstate NY wedding photography, girls laughing

reason #4: You can escape!

If you need to get away for a few minutes just to breathe or freshen up, it’s easy to step inside for a break. The day can be overwhelming and escaping for a few minutes of calm can settle nerves and recharge you.

Catskill NY wedding photographer, backyard wedding
upstate NY wedding photography, boy hanging out before ceremony

Reason #5: You can party as long as you want!

Since it’s your own space, you don’t have to worry about being constrained to a venue’s timing. Have a late dinner, a bonfire, what ever you envision for your day, the space is yours!

Oneonta NY wedding Photographer, bride and groom getting married
Upstate NY wedding photography, couple after ceremony
Cooperstown wedding photographer, bride and groom toasting
Albany NY wedding photographer, bride and family dancing

Reason #6: It’s truly unique to you.

Your memories will be uniquely you because it’s in your own space. There’s really nothing like it. You can run into the street at sunset, like this fun couple, and then easily join the party again.

Upstate NY wedding photographer, couple at sunset

I hope you enjoyed these reasons and maybe have convinced you to have your own backyard wedding! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, I’d be honored to capture your unique love.


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