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March 24, 2022

5 Reasons to Book Your Spring Photo Session

Spring has arrived, and green grass is slowly poking through! Hearing more birds outside, seeing neighbors who you haven’t seen in months because everyone’s been hibernating ;) and spending longer evenings outside feels so refreshing after the long winter months in Upstate New York. Another perk of Spring, is the abundance of opportunities for Spring photos. Here are five reasons why booking a Spring Session can be great.

Perfect Temperatures

Spring temperatures are ideal for photos because it’s not overly hot and humid like summer and you won’t be sweating! You also don’t have to worry about being cold with unpredictable temperatures in the Fall. It’s really a win win situation haha.

Sunset Timing

Spring sunsets lend themselves to outdoor sessions as they are at a reasonable time! They allow you to feed kiddos dinner beforehand, are able to get ready for photos, and still be back home in time for bedtime! If you happen to have an earlier sleeper, even an hour before sunset still has beautiful lighting.

Abundance of Flowers

Do I need to say more?! There are so many beautiful blooms during the Spring that give a gorgeous backdrops for photos. Flowering trees are especially one of my favorite things, as are flowering fields.

Bug Free

Summertime the mosquitoes are horrendous! Usually in Spring the mosquitoes aren’t out quite yet, so we won’t all leave the session eaten up. It will be a more enjoyable time not swatting away bugs.

Light and Airy

The warmer spring temps combined with the flowering blooms let you have so many light and airy options for what to wear. Light pastels and pinks like this mama chose for the twin’s worked so nicely against the flowering fields. Light tans and flowering prints also work great. The greens are also so much lighter than the browns and oranges of fall. So if you’re wanting to change up the photos in your home to a lighter feel, definitely consider a Spring photo session.

I hope these reasons and images inspire you to have a Spring Session! Contact me to book your Spring Family Session.



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